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Our Greater China Offices are staffed with PRC lawyers who have been in the civil service, private practice and in-house corporate counsels. They are proficient in Chinese and English with the ability to speak various dialects. Our team has a thorough understanding of Chinese business culture, bureaucratic practices and the language of the law in China. We help clients surmount the classic obstacles of:-

  • retroactive legislation
  • disregard to laws in particular, at the sub-national level, due to local protectionism
  • conflict of interest and lack of transparency of laws (the many "grey" and well practiced means to circumvent them, necessary to evaluate them but may not be advisable to adopt them in the absence of "blessings" or clearance.)

Our Beijing office gives access to regulations, notices often internally circulated within the bureaucracy, being promulgated by Chinese ministries and provincial authorities.

Hong Kong

32/F, Harbour Centre
25 Harbour Road
Hong Kong
(852) 2522 9183
(852) 2845 9160


Suite 508, Beijing Tower
10 East Changan Street
Beijing 100006, PRC
(8610) 6522 7069 /
(8610) 6522 7072
(8610) 6522 6967